Is Vonjour really free?

Yes, Vonjour is really free and works with any phone system. Vonjour allows users to attain a local and toll free number, setup unlimited extensions, create professional sounding voice greetings, connect with customers through text messages, and have that professional big business sound.

Vonjour is completely free. If you want to try some of our premium features like faxing, texting or video conference check out Vonjour Premium. It’s just like regular Vonjour, with a bunch of extra goodies to make your organization even more potent.

How does the Vonjour virtual phone system and how can it help my organization?

The Vonjour virtual system helps organizations of any size sound more professional and stay connected. With a local and toll free number, unlimited extensions, advanced call routing, custom greetings, and much more, any organization can attain that professional voice they desire. When callers dial your Vonjour 800 or local phone number, they hear a custom main greeting giving them options from which to choose, such as “Bon Jour, thank you for calling Croissants and More, dial 1 to place an order, 2 for support, or three to talk to our head chef Pierre…”

Since each phone extension can forward to any number, you can be reached on your home, office, mobile or VoIP phone. Assign extensions to employees and departments and let the advanced call routing connect callers to the right employees. Give callers access to information such as product offerings, store hours or driving directions using Informational Extensions. You can communicate with customers using text messaging directly from your local phone number. Vonjour allows you to place outbound calls with your Vonjour phone number directly from your browser or through your mobile phone. you can also receive voicemails online or via email. With these powerful features your organization will sound more professional and make sure you stay connected.

Does Vonjour replace my phone system?

Vonjour extensions are able to forward to your choice of existing numbers, such as office, cell, home office and VoIP. Therefore, to use Vonjour you need to have a phone number to able to receive forwarded calls through our system. A user can place outbound calls through their Vonjour dashboard or mobile application.

Does Vonjour require a contract?

Because Vonjour is a free service there is no contract. On Vonjour Premium plans are a month to month service and allows you to upgrade plans at anytime.

Can I add multiple local or toll free numbers on the same account?

Absolutely, you may add additional numbers at any time. Every additional number is 1 dollar a month for a local phone number and two dollars a month for a toll free number.

How do I distinguish a call as coming from my Vonjour number and not a personal call?

On your caller id system you will see the Vonjour number that was originally dialed on your forwarding phone. You can also change the setting of any extension to show the Caller ID of the caller. Your phone will ring the same as any other call, but by using our Call Announce feature, you will hear our system asking you to press 1 to take the call, 2 send the call to voicemail, and 3 listen to the phone number of the caller. This will allow you to distinguish between and a personal call.

Can I user Vonjour if I live in Canada?

Vonjour works in both in Canada and in the US. There are no additional costs for Canadian calls.

Does Vonjour service international callers?

At this time, Vonjour provides us based toll free and local phone numbers. Our service allows users to setup multiple extensions that forward callers to any phone, domestically, or internationally. All of our numbers accept incoming international calls.

Can I port/transfer my existing toll free or local number to use Vonjour? What is the fee?

Absolutely. We can arrange to have any of your existing toll free or local number transferred to us. Please remember, you are only changing service providers, you can still retain ownership of your number. There is a one time cost of $30/per carrier handling fee and the turnaround time is up to 3 weeks for a toll free numbers and up to 4 weeks for local numbers.

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