Local Phone Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

The  engineers at Vonjour have done it again with smart their local numbers. They’ve managed to pack all the business intelligence and enterprise features into one free local phone number.

Within minutes an organization can setup a complete enterprise level phone system with an intelligent virtual receptionist and unlimited extensions for free. Each local phone number is completely textable.

Vonjour local numbers works with any device—smart phone, landline or desktop phone (we’ve got it covered). Your employees never have to be tied to their desk phone to place or make a call from their toll free and local numbers. With Vonjour’s smart call routing system, we can reach you no matter where in the world you or your team are.

It doesn’t stop there. Each employee in the account has access to their own smart conferencing and fax solutions.

Vonjour makes your organization smarter with real time analytics on employee talk time, production, call distribution and sales conversions. vonjour analytics make any organization faster and more responisive to their customers.

It’s one big, uber intelligent phone system to rule the world!

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