Business in a Cloud: How Cloud Phone Systems Help Cut Company Costs

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Out of the box and into the clouds, phone technology is going modern with cloud-based technology. One of the best investments a company can make is switching over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service. VoIP uses the Internet to connect calls instead of using old-fashioned copper wires.

Over one-third of businesses today use VoIP phone service, and for good reason: it’s often 50 to 80% cheaper than traditional service and offers more features. VoIP makes excellent use of cloud technology. With Voice over IP, office extensions become unlimited and virtual, telecommuting becomes a breeze, and a cloud PBX translates all incoming and outgoing calls into cheap Internet calls.

Life in the cloud is a happy place for businesses to be, indeed.

Unlimited calling

Nearly all cloud VoIP plans come with unlimited nationwide calling. VoIP calls are sent as compacted data, which are cheaper and easier to send long-distance. This means geography is less of a factor in price, which is why so many business VoIP providers offer unlimited calling that is free from long-distance and roaming fees. Not only do most VoIP plans come with unlimited minutes, they often come with unlimited extensions, too. This means easy growth paired with cheaper prices.

Cheap International Calling

The lack of long-distance fees also makes a big difference when it comes to international calling. Several business VoIP providers offer unlimited international calls to a long list of international countries. Even if the provider does not offer unlimited service, many providers offer cheap calls for a few pennies a minutes to most countries in the world.

Efficient Telecommuting Tools

Telecommuting is a growing movement in the business world. A remote workforce cuts office expenses and promotes greater employee retention and productivity. According to a recent study by Stanford University, employees that work full-time from home are on average 13% more efficient than in-house workers. This means greater savings and profits for big and small businesses.


A cloud PBX is a great unifying tool for businesses to get the most out of telecommuters. Cloud extensions can be programmed to ring on most sorts of mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This way, when a customer calls the office number, that call is forwarded to the remote employee’s home or mobile device. By using telecommuting, no sales calls are ever lost, employees enjoy more work-home balance, and businesses save money while expanding profits.

Virtual Numbers

A cloud phone system makes good use of virtual numbers. Virtual numbers are an underused tool that makes a big difference in business marketing. Companies can buy a virtual number with the sequence and area code of their choosing. For instance, a bike company can choose the number 1-800-555-BIKE or a bakery can chose the number 1-800-555-PIES. Virtual numbers make it easy for customers to remember the company’s phone number, which can make a big difference in sales.

Business-Ready Features

Cloud technology and Internet phone service gives more for less, including an arsenal of free calling features. Most business VoIP plans include:

  • An Auto attendant that works as an automatic secretary for callers
  • Enhanced voicemail that attaches voicemail messages to emails
  • Call transfers for easy call routing
  • Conference calling for more efficient business meetings
  • Caller ID and call blocking
  • Cheap text messaging

Moving up to cloud technology not only makes sense, but it helps companies save some cents, too. With a wealth of features and unlimited capabilities, cloud phone systems are the best investment a company can make this year.

Jennifer Cuellar is a technology writer and editor for She covers the latest news VoIP technology and IP business solutions.

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